The family boat you have always wanted is here!

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    Our beautiful new portable boat features outriggers which give this boat stability like no other small boat. It allows you to sit on the sides of the boat, instead of balancing in the middle.

    The hull is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic with a UV resistant coating. Between the inner and outer hulls are many inches of closed-cell flotation foam which is waterproof and simply won't sink.

    The boat has thrusters built into the base of the hull. No bulky trolling motor is needed! Steering is done with your fingertips on the built-in dual lever throttle.

    The pontoons on the outriggers not only keep the boat stable, we have learned that they serve as wave blockers, when a big wake comes your way.
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    This is the boat, all folded up. The bow slips off its hinges, and the outriggers unsnap. They all fit inside the passenger compartments. In seconds, you swing one compartment on its hinges over the top of the other compartment, and the 8 foot long boat takes up only 41" square of floorspace, 31" high. This boat becomes more portable, more storable, and more transportable in less time than any inflatable boat, and fits in less space than any other "fold-a-boat".

    Note the strakers on the flat bottom of the boat. These give the boat directional stability, but in much shallower water than v-hulls. Launching this boat from a shallow shoreline is doable.

    The thrusters on each side of the boat provide propulsion in the shallowest of water.
    Have you wanted a small boat that acts like a big boat?

    A boat that is so stable your family can't capsize?

    A boat that you can stand up in, and the kids can hang over the edges and put their hands in the water?

    A boat where everyone faces each other so you can enjoy being together. It's like sitting in a circle instead of in pews all facing frontwards.

    A boat that you won't need a trailer for; that will just fit in the back of your SUV or pickup - without sticking out or needing to be tied on? (It weighs 147 lbs. including the outriggers.)

    A boat that can fit on many ATV's - and go to lakes other boats can't?

    A boat that you can launch anywhere - no launch ramps needed?

    A boat that can be stored in the corner of your garage?

    A boat that has a solid floor, thick sides that you can sit on, that doesn't need inflating and doesn't spring air leaks, that is constructed to last for many many years?

    A real boat, not a toy. But still affordable?

    You have found the boat you really want.
    Notice: If you click the Prices tab above, you will find this boat listed for $2,795. This is a very good price, especially compared to the good quality inflatable boats of similar size. (And they don't include motors in their price.) But this price could be lower, if we purchased larger quantities of materials and built more boats at one time. If you would be interested in getting a boat for about $245 less, you can sign up in the form below. It will cost you nothing to sign up. You just have to be patient. We will add your name to our list of potential buyers. When the list gets big enough to buy thrusters and plastic and foam and aluminum tubing, etc. in a much bigger quantity, we will notify you and you can place an order at the lower price. Then be patient for a while longer while we build the boats on the waiting list, first come, first served, and your patience will pay off in a much reduced price. Your comments and feedback are welcome as well.
    We love to fish in high-mountain lakes. So, for years we carried an inflatable boat. The first boat was cheap. But every trip we ended up patching multiple pin-hole leaks. It is really no fun to have your boat slowly deflating while you are on the water. So we upgraded to a much more expensive inflatable with much thicker rubber. No more pin-hole leaks! But the boat was three times heavier, and came in multiple packages; one for the main boat, one for the floor-boards, seats, and paddles, and then two more packs for the life jackets, oars, inflator, and anchor. And then there was the motor and battery (which weighed a ton.)
    There had to be a better way - but we had to invent and manufacture the boat ourselves to get what we really wanted.

    The boat we wanted for ourselves was this: It had to be big enough to hold 4 adults or 2 adults and several kids. (We like to have fun together in our big families.) But it had to pack up small enough to carry in the back of a pick-up and leave room for our other gear. Or small enough to fit on an ATV to carry into remote lakes. And we wanted just one package that would hold everything.

    It had to go together much quicker than the 30 minutes for our inflatable; the floor boards in the inflatable needed to have aluminum rails put along the side of the boards to hold them together, after the boards were laid in the boat. This turns out to be a chore, especially when the rubber is stiff on a cold morning. And then the inflating either takes a lot of foot-pumping, or with an electric pump, it used up battery power which we would prefer to use to extend our trolling time on the water. Our new design had to go together much easier, and much quicker.

    We didn't want to mess with air temperature under or over inflating our boat. We could get the inflatable perfectly inflated, and then the next morning, come out to find the whole boat sagging. The cold night air had "shrunk" the boat sides. But if we pumped it up in the cold morning, then as things warmed up during the day, we would notice the seams starting to stretch, and we had to let air back out, or risk hurting the boat. We wanted a boat that we could just use all day - not baby-sit.

    We wanted a boat that was extremely stable. If the kids want to lean out over the sides to play in the water, we don't want to worry about "rocking the boat" and capsizing. If someone wants to stand up, they shouldn't feel like they are going to tip the boat over. Now our inflatable was already pretty good at this, at least the one with the hard floor boards. (Standing up on the older rubber floor was like standing up on a trampoline with sagging springs.) But my brother has an aluminum boat, and his daughters won't even ride with him because the boat is too "tippy".

    And of course, it had to be durable - meaning zero maintenance. Our vacation time is too precious to spend time patching things so they will float.

    Here is what we developed:

    1- The whole boat, when packed, is a cube of 41" x 41" x 31".

    2- Inside the box are the outriggers with their connectors and the bow of the boat. There is also room inside the box for the life jackets, and our lithium light-weight battery.

    3- The boat is Coast Guard certified for 4 persons or 533 lbs of weight. For us that means 2 or 3 adults and some kids.

    4- The outriggers make this boat completely stable.

    5- The boat is so full of flotation foam, in the sides and under the floor, that it couldn't sink if you blew a hole through the floor with a shotgun.

    6- The boat has built-in propulsion, with thrusters at the back of the boat. They have the push of a trolling motor, without the bulk and without the weight. They don't have to be mounted. They are just there when we open up the boat. And they work in very shallow water. They don't have a handle extending into the boat, and taking up room. Steering is done with fingertips on a small throttle, instead of rotating the long handle of a trolling motor.

    This is the third version of this boat. Each time we have made improvements to make the boat provide the all the fun without any hassle that we want. We have one more feature coming. We want to add a sail. We think sailing will add a lot of fun, and with our outriggers we have just the platform to make sailing an easy add-on.




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    Boat complete with two passenger compartments, the bow compartment, two built-in thrusters with throttle, two outriggers with connector arms.


    We launched the boat in a high mountain reservoir, in about 3" of water. The lake was very shallow around the edges. To test the capacity, we put four big guys on board. Two weighed 248 lbs each, the other two about 180 lbs each. The Coast Guard approved capacity is 533 lbs based upon their formula. But the boat handled over 850 lbs. We were the only boat on the lake, because it has only truck access and no launch ramps. The people around the edge were catching only a few fish, probably because the lake stays shallow quite a ways out from shore. We caught 22 fish in an hour and a half, out in the deeper area. As people watched us catching fish, a lot more people got interested in the boat and asked us questions about it, when we landed.