Unique Products for the Outdoors and Emergency Preparedness

    This portable toilet completely changes how you deal with sanitation:

    1- After each use, you just push the button. The dry-flush toilet wraps the waste in a double-liner, odor-free, bag, and presents a whole new toilet bowl. It is always clean.
    3- When it's time to empty, it takes only a minute, to pull up the wrapper bag, tie it off and put it in the garbage. Drop in a new cartridge and you are ready to "go".
    2- The toilet holds up to 17 "flushes", because it doesn't have to store any flush water at all. That many flushes will handle a couple of people for a week, and bigger groups for a day or more.
    The video shows how the toilet encapsulates the waste, seals in any odor, and presents a new clean bowl after every use. (No more toilet bowl cleaning!). The water is for demonstration purposes only.
    My main "luxury" when boating or camping is a bathroom. I am too old for the squatting-behind-a-tree business any more. And it's not legal to do the "outdoor" thing at many lakes any more. A toilet is required. With a portable cover screen, and this toilet every boat can have a toilet.

    But the little porta-potty on our fishing boat was always a mess to dump and clean after each trip. My brother's big camp trailer toilet is great, because he has to fill up the tanks, empty the holding tanks after every camping trip, and provide the deodorizer. But on the last trip, his water tank got a leak. We still used the toilet by pouring water from a pitcher down the toilet to flush it.

    For less than the cost of a new big plastic water tank, he can put this dry-flush toilet in his bathroom, and forget ever having to empty the holding tank again. I'll bet his gas mileage improves by not hauling all that water.

    This toilet can instantly add another "bathroom" to a house, with no plumbing at all. Since it is totally clean, never spills, and is odorless, you can put it where you would never put a normal toilet.

    For emergency preparedness, if you are without water for a while, how would you flush a regular toilet? This unit can keep things clean and sanitary.

    This toilet is 16" wide, 20" deep, and 18" tall. It weighs about 25 lbs with the battery.

    It runs from a 12 volt rechargeable battery, which is good for around 300 flushes. (A charger comes with the toilet. And if you install it in a room in a house, for someone who needs a toilet close at hand, it can be plugged into the wall.)

    Replacement cartridges are readily available. In fact, as the volume builds, we expect the price per cartridge to come down even more. But after I calculated the cost and time of hauling water and sewage, paying for deodorizer chemicals, and the work of emptying, cleaning, and maintaining holding tank systems, the cartridges already look like a bargain to me.
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    The dry-flush toilet comes complete with a cartridge already installed, an additional spare cartridge, the 12 volt battery and its charger. There is a simple manual. The toilet has a 90 day warranty.
    Refill pack. Comes with 3 cartridges, 3 disposal bags, bag ties and big rubber bands.