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    Washing their hands will keep your people healthy while camping

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    The hand washer that works right where you need it - next to the tables and cook stoves.

    If it is quick and convenient, people will wash their hands before cooking and eating. This hand washer carries its own water - and gray water. It works without turning any faucets; just step on the foot pedal and it will spray your hands clean. The spray nozzle is adjustable. Spray works faster and conserves water considerably over a running faucet. And it can be set up right where you need it, by the camping tables and stoves, since it needs no separate water supply.
    We used to put a wash basin out for people to wash their hands. That worked great for the first one or two people. But then the water was dirty. Who wants to wash their hands in other people’s dirty water? We put out disinfectant bottles. That probably does kill a lot of germs on peoples hands - but it doesn’t do much for dirt.

    Over time, many in the family started showing up with campers, with bathrooms and wash basins inside. But oh so often, no one wanted to run clear over to the camper and get washed up before eating or helping with some cooking. And of course, for the tent campers, no such bathroom was readily available.

    What we needed was a hand washer right by our cook stoves and eating tables. It had to carry its own water so it could be set up anywhere. And we didn’t want to have to refill it with water all the time, which is where the idea of using a spray instead of running water came from. But, we also found out that the pressure of the spray actually washed hands better and faster. We like to use the foaming soap, since it works well, and sprays off easier than other soap.

    And it worked! The kids wash their hands because they think it is fun to step on the pedal and feel the spray. The adults wash their hands because it is quick and convenient. And, we found that cooks will wash off their hands between preparing different dishes if they need to get rid of some residue or grease or whatever, because it is right there and handy. That really beat swiping their hands on their trousers.

    Clean hands helps avoid diarrhea, and other ailments, and it keeps larger groups of people from passing stuff around.
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    Hand washer station complete with internal two gallon sprayer that is hand-pressurized and a two gallon water bag that holds the gray water and is easily removed for emptying. (The sink lifts up to expose the internal water tank and holding bag.)