Unique Products for the Outdoors and Emergency Preparedness

    Three categories of signs:

    Directional Signs

    No more lost family members or friends, who can’t find your out-of-the-way campsite in the middle of the night. See below:

    Growth Board

    OK - this is not an outdoor sign. This is for hanging up in your home. But your kids will love it - and when they start leaving home, you will treasure it. But you need to start when your kids are young. Click here.

    No Trespassing Signs

    Click here to get a good laugh, and see our versions of what modern, up-to-date, trespassing signs could look like. Even if you don’t need actual no-trespassing signs, you may want some of these anyway.
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    These are the signs we wish we had, when we are waiting late at night and wondering where the rest of the family was? Did they get in a wreck? (We have no cell phone coverage in our mountains.) Did they change their mind? Did they miss the paper plate signs we hung out?

    These Direction Signs are made with a weather-proof, stiff plastic backing, covered with highly reflective acrylic with embedded micro-glass beads. They meet DOT C2 Grade visibility standards. They are pre-drilled for secure mounting to posts, trees, poles, etc. They will stand up to wind and storms, and get the job done. And they will last for years.
    When you have big gatherings, held at different locations, people are showing up at all hours of the day and night. We needed some direction signs to help others find the camp site. We used paper plates with our name and an arrow marked on them. Storms would make short order of them. But worse - they couldn’t be seen at night. People would drive right past them. So we created some highly reflective direction signs, that completely set us apart. (It’s amazing how many other people use the paper plate sign idea.)

    Once we got started on signs, well - we realized there was a need for other types of signs as well. For a little humor, check out our “No Trespassing” signs. And for retaining an important family historical reference, see our version of the “Growth Board”
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    One Direction Sign. Size is 10.25” wide, and 3.5” tall at the widest points of the arrow. (You need to provide your own marker to add your name.)
    Three sign bundle. (You can multiple bundles of 3 signs each.)