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    The Growth Board
    The most talked about “picture” you can hang on your wall.

    Record the milestones of each child growing up. This board is fun for the kids, and will bring back memories whenever it is viewed.

    Some people actually mark their children’s height and date right on the wall or door frame of their home.That is a good idea, that will get referred back to time and again. (But it is hard to take with you if you move.)

    But we think there is a way to greatly improve this practice of recording a child’s growth. This Growth Board is much more visible and attractive. And it accommodates adding stickers to make the milestone measurements and dates and ages stand out. And adding photographs of how a child looked at that age gives you a visual record of just how that child has looked at each age in their life. It is like they grow up again, right before your eyes.

    And - if you move - it can be taken with you.

    As a present, it keeps on giving year after year as the board is regularly updated.

    It is a great conversation starter in any home. And the kids love to be measured, and love to see how they grow.

    This board has an oak wood finish. It is intended to start at 24” from the floor - since even six month old babies are that tall on average. And it extends to nearly 6’ 3” high, showing foot and inch marks.

    It comes with mounting anchors for any wall or even hollow wood doors. A growth chart is included showing average heights at each age for boys and girls, so you can compare how your child is doing against the national averages.

    It comes with marking stickers, to make it easy to label each growth mark that you put on the board. But you have to supply your own photo “mug shots”. (Photos may be best attached to the board using glue dots, which are applied to the back of the photo with a roll-on dispenser. Use the ones with strip of tiny dots. They sell them at Walmart and other stores in the glue section.)
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    Because the board is so tall, it is shipped in two parts. But the boards have a tongue and groove fitting, so it is easy to put together and have it fit nearly seamlessly. Instructions on how to assemble it, and also on how to easily mount it so you get the right height measurements is included.

    To get maximum benefit from the Growth Board, it is best to start when the child is very young. But even if you start after a few years, it is much better than having nothing at all.

    Water purifier
    The most valuable thing in our home - the thing we would take with us first in the case of a fire - are the “journals” in three ring binders, which have the memories of our children in them. There are their certificates and their documents and their photos and their funny sayings and their awards and recognitions, their grades and even clips of their hair. We have multiple journals for each child. And right along with that, we would take the Growth Boards, if we had them. We didn’t make those, and now we wish that we had. Hopefully, these boards will help you do what we wished that we had done.
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    Allow four weeks for Growth Boards to Ship. The Growth Board ships in two parts (due to shipping constraints) In addition to the two boards, it includes anchor and mounting screws, arrow labels for marking a child’s height with age and date, a Height Chart showing average heights of boys and girls at different ages, and instructions for joining the boards and mounting it.