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    Outdoor "No Trespassing" Signs with a touch of humor

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    These signs are created in pairs, with the lead-in on one sign, and the punch-line on the second sign.

    They are made from latex-stained Spruce for long out-doors durability. Sign boards are 1/2 inch thick, 5.5" high, and 24" wide.

    The wording is carved into the wood, and painted into the grooves. They are made to endure. They are pre-drilled in the middle and on the ends, for easy mounting.

    Phrases copyright Better-Outdoors.com

    "Ebola Signs"

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    "Caliphate Signs"

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    'Friends of the Owners' signs

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    ‘Grass my be greener’ signs

    Life After Death? signs

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    Please Don’t Trespass signs

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    Jack Rabbits Signs

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    No Trespassing Signs

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    We visited a cousin, for a family reunion, who has a nice ranch. As we pulled into the drive, leading up to his camping area, we encountered a lot of signs, in the old Burma Shave fashion - single sentences on sequential signs. We had a great laugh. And I noticed that different family members are still sharing some of the sayings on those signs. Humor goes a long way. 

    We wanted to create some No Trespassing signs for some property that we own in the mountains - after some people broke our fence while trespassing.

    Why not add some humor, if we have to put the signs up anyway? And we wanted some substantial wood signs that will survive over time, if we have to go to all the work of mounting them on posts.

    So, we created some signs of our own, which we hope you will enjoy.

    We create these signs on demand. So allow a week for us to get a set of signs all cut out and shipped out to you.
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    Allow Four Weeks for any of the signs below to ship. White House Security - set of two signs
    Ebola - set of two signs
    Caliphate - set of two signs
    Friends of the owners - set of two signs
    Life after death? - set of two signs
    Our grass may be greener - set of two signs
    Please don’t trespass - set of two signs
    Jack Rabbits - set of three signs
    No Trespassing - set of three signs

    Signs in the Outdoors:

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    These signs are mounted in the “Burma - Shave” fashion, so that they are read sequentially as you move past them. (I talked to some younger guys - and they had no idea what “Burma-Shave” was. I guess some older folks are going to have to pass on some culture from the past.)
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    This shows the the signs mounted on a garden gate. My wife wishes that squirrels could read - or that I could shoot better.