Family Fun

Together on the water

Room for the whole family. Side seating fits more in, and is much nicer than sitting on planks in the middle of the boat, looking at the backs of the heads of those in front. For fishing it is easier to cast out opposite sides. The small throttle takes up way less room than a trollng motor, while the thrusters in the base allow shallow launching.

Safe Fun

Canoes, inflatables - none are as safe, none as stable.

Everyone has more fun when they don't have to worry about "rocking the boat". No balancing in the middle of the boat; go ahead and hang out over the edge, or dip your hands in the water. With the outrigger pontoons, you can't capsize. You don't lose air. You stay safe.

Portable - Storable

Boat in a Box

The entire boat, including the bow and the pontoons, folds up into a 41" X 41" X 31" shape. One of the big issues of owning a boat is how to get it to the lake (often meaning a trailer), and where to store it when you aren't using it. This design makes it easy to transport, and easy to store.

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We launched the boat in a high mountain reservoir, in about 3" of water. The lake was very shallow around the edges. To test the capacity, we put four big guys on board. Two weighed 248 lbs each, the other two about 180 lbs each. The boat handled over 850 lbs. We were the only boat on the lake, because the lake can only be reached by 4WD, and there are no good places to launch. The people around the edge were only catching a few fish, probably because the lake stays shallow quite a ways out from shore. We caught 22 fish in 90 minutes, out in the deeper area. As people watched us catching fish, a lot more people got interested in the boat and asked us questions about it, when we landed.