Clean water whenever and where ever you need it.

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    The pump that delivers clean water fast and easily

    This drum pump serves as our emergency preparedness pump. We fill multiple drums with fresh water, and keep them and the pump ready to supply our home with water should our normal supply get cut off or become polluted. The pump is easily moved from one barrel to another. It works with both 30 gallon and 55 gallon drums.

    Storing water in a drum costs a tiny fraction of the cost of storing water bottles from the store. Walmart sells the large Arrowhead 33.8 oz. water bottles for $1.38 each. To store 30 gallons of water in bottles would cost you $156.78 plus tax. Tap water in a 30 gallon drum would cost you 12 cents. 55 gallons of bottled water would cost you $287.43 plus tax. Tap water in a 55 gallon drum would cost you 22 cents. The cost of the drum and the pump must be added, but they will both last you a lifetime. They aren't disposed after each use like most water bottles.

    If you want filtered water, you can buy a water pitcher with a built-in filter for under $30. (You don't have to run out and buy very expensive water at the store to be ready for Coronavirus quarantines, for example.)

    And with this pump, getting the water is about as convenient as a water bottle. In fact you could refill your water bottles from the drum. A funnel or a tube that can be attached to the pump spout will do the job easily. This pump is manufactured in the USA.

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    Many years back, we decided that we wanted to avoid the crowded, but developed campgrounds. We decided that if we carried our own water supply, we could camp pretty much anywhere. Since our group is pretty big, we took a 55 gallon drum of water and one of those cheap drum siphon pumps, from our emergency preparedness supply. (I think they sell those pumps believing no one will ever really use them.) During our first trip, after wearing our arms out trying to pump out water, the cheap pump failed. What a pain trying to tip the drum to pour out the water. After the trip, I began a search. There are a lot of pumps, but I didn't like those with metal parts and valves that would oxidize and taint the water. And I certainly wasn't going to depend on another cheap plastic pump. Finally, I found the ideal pump - in New Zealand. They had no dealers in the USA back then - and I had to talk to the owner to get them to send me one to try out. (They wanted me to buy a case full.) If I had known how great this water pump would turn out to be, I would have bought the case then. It is now over 13 years later, and that very first pump is still pumping water easily from our 55 gallon drums. (Our group is so big now that we carry two 55 gallon drums.) Not only is this pump made of all heavy-duty plastic, it has no parts that wear out, no gaskets or seals or impellers or valves to replace. It is very easy to pump a big stream of water from the drums, and it still works as well today as it did 13 years ago.

    Buy a pump now and get a free bottle of
    Liquid Oxygen water treatment - a $17.99 value.

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    Drum Pump for 55 and 30 gallon drums. This is the best pump in the world for easily pumping drinking water. It is made of food grade plastic, with no parts that can corrode or leave a residue. It is reliable and efficient in pumping drinking water in volume.

    This pump can also be used for liquid foods, chlorine-based cleaning fluids, chemicals, acids, etc. It is not suitable for gasoline, petroleum or harsh solvents.

    These pumps are made in the USA. They will fit nearly every drum available in the USA. They are not Chinese counterfeits. (Note from the photo: drum is not included.)


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    Buy two pumps together and save money. If you have a friend who would also like a pump, and you allow us to combine two pumps into the same box, going to the same address, you both can save money.

    $145 for 2

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    Do you need a drum wrench? This drum wrench fits the plugs (called barrel bungs) in both 55 gallon and 30 gallon drums. It helps you seal the plugs tightly to keep your water pure. And it helps you open tightly sealed plugs when you need access to the water.

    It also includes a notch for turning off the gas supply to your home in an emergency. Finally, it includes flat and cross fittings for the smaller 15 gallon drum bungs.


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    Liquid Oxygen will purify and preserve the water in your water drum. It has no taste, like chlorine or chlorite or hydrogen peroxide does. It actually makes your water healthier. Do your own research: Google liquid oxygen drops. You will see many products, often calling their product stabilized liquid oxygen, which are used for both water purification, and for improving your health. They all sell for $15 - $20 per 2 oz. bottle. If you fill your drums from wells, springs, or other non-chlorinated water sources, you need to add this to your water for safe storage. If you fill drums from your chlorinated city water, you will likely be OK if your water barrel is very clean. But if you want to kill any bacteria introduced into your barrel through filling or using, Liquid Oxygen is your insurance policy for healthy water. It kills Salmonella, Cholera, E. Coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, and various parasites and microorganisms including Giardia Lamblia.

    A FREE 2 oz. bottle of Liquid Oxygen will only be included with your order if you click the "add to cart" button at the right.

    Free with pump

    This pump is a high-volume, low-pressure, food-safe, low-effort, dual action unit, that is built to last.

    • Pump is 45.5" tall
    • Nozzle is 6.5" long
    • Spout is 1.5" long. It is .8" in diameter.
    • Tube below pump head is 37.5" long
    • Tube is 1.7" in diameter
    • A filter is in the base of the tube.
    This pump is ideally suited to pump water, because it will keep the water clean. It does not introduce impurities from parts wear.

    This pump is also suitable for pumping acids, alkaline, and chlorine based cleaning chemicals. It can be used to pump liquid foods, oils and lubricants and many crop chemicals that contain mild solvents.

    It should not be used to pump gasoline, petroleum, or harsh solvents.
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    The spout part of our nozzle features a barb designed to help retain a plastic tube. A 3/4" ID soft plastic tube can be pushed onto the faucet for a tight leakproof fit. We use a plastic quick attach clamp to hold the tube in place.

    The pump will lift water above its own height through the tube, to fill campers or other reservoirs.

    If you keep your drums in a basement, you may want to pump the water up and outside to drain the barrels every few years in order to refresh your water supply.
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    How to install:
    Each pump comes with an adapter that fits into the holes on the top of the drum. Most USA drums have two holes, one with fine threads and one with coarse threads.

    Our standard adaptor has both coarse and fine threads and will fit either hole.

    Remove the screw-on cap and slide it on the shaft (tube) of the pump. Screw the adapter into the drum. Lower the pump shaft into the adapter hole, and then screw on the cap that you slid on the shaft.

    For other types of barrels, we have many other sizes of adaptors. The most common is when the barrel has an outside threaded lip that sticks up out of the barrel. For this we have a cap adapter.

    Let us know if you have other kinds of drums, and we will help you get the correct adapter. Sending us a photo usually helps.
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