The Best 30 to 55 Gallon Water Pump In The World.

Delivers water fast, on both the up and down stroke. Pumping is very easy.  No priming needed; it just works immediately.  And it won't fail, because it does not have any parts that wear out.  We use this pump for camping and for emergency preparedness.  Will fit a 30 to 55 gallon drum.

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Finding products that work when you are miles away from any store or home is our goal.  These products like the 55 gallon drum pump are tried and true, tested and proven to work time and time again without failure.  We will continue to find, test and or manufacture the best products we can find and share them with you. 

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Some of our favorite locations to spend time outdoors are in Utah, USA and because of the varied options from high uintah mountains to desert lakes, the products we enjoy have proven themselves across varied landscapes and terrain. 


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If you are shopping for a group or need to know how much food to buy that will work for your group, try our awesome shopping list generator and menu!  We have used this for groups as small as 4 and as large as 300.   Also, we will send you a packing list you can share with campers who are coming on the trip with you.