The Very Best Water Pump In The World

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This pump lets us camp where we want:

1- We take our water with us in drums. This pump makes it effortless to get water when ever we need it.

2- It doesn't fail because it has no parts that wear out.

3- It is our emergency preparedness pump when we aren't camping.

The Portable Family Boat You Need

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Safer, more fun, more versatile, no hassle:

1- Stable on the water - because of the outriggers. Stand up, lean out over the edge and touch the water; you won't capsize. Go ahead - rock the boat.

2- Sit on the sides and talk face to face, instead of talking to the back of heads like center-seating boats

3- Goes anywhere without a trailer - because it folds up. An 8' boat will fit in a 41" square X 31" high space in your vehicle or ATV. Stores easily during all those times you aren't using the boat.